Survey Records

Our office has the records of many of the survey companies that were once located in the former Victoria County, some dating back to the later part of the 1800’s.

The possession of these records along with Registry office records enables us to have a thorough knowledge of the survey history of various lands.

Surveyors and Survey companies whose records we have:

  • William R. Coe Ltd.
  • W. D. Fisher, O.L.S.
  • Bishop & Wilson (Bobcaygeon Office)
  • Smith & Smith Limited
  • Smith & Elms Limited
  • Matthews, Cameron, Heywood-Kerry T. Howe Surveying Limited (Bobcaygeon)
  • R. B. Stinson, O.L.S.
  • E. G. Gurnett, O.L.S., Limited

Town of Lindsay